Fairfax County, Virginia; November 17, 2018
Contact: Matt Renninger


Today, the Washington Post published an extensive expose on the current political landscape of Fairfax County in the lead up to the 2019 election cycle. Focusing in on the county’s high-profile Board of Supervisor elections, the in-depth article made specific mention of Erika Milena Yalowitz. Yalowitz is the only declared Democratic candidate for the County Supervisor seat in Providence District.

“I’m pleased that the Washington Post is taking notice of these important races in our county, and specifically of my campaign.” Yalowitz said in response to the article. “Fairfax County is the economic heartbeat of Virginia, and Providence District is a major reason why. I’m running to ensure that this district continues to fill that role, but in a more inclusive and sustainable way.”

Yalowitz, who launched her campaign in July, is running on a progressive platform focused on inclusion, transportation and the environment.

“Traffic and transportation aren’t just infrastructure issues,” Yalowitz said in a discussion with supporters, “they are often determinant factors in an individual’s quality of life. In Providence, and across Fairfax County, we need to break down barriers by exploring innovative approaches to transportation that emphasize walking, bike riding and public transit. This will empower underserved populations, and increase economic mobility.”

Yalowitz continued, speaking on the environment:

“The responsibilities of a Fairfax County Supervisor aren’t just about looking inward though, we must also look outward and ensure that as a county we are doing our part to combat wider reaching issues such as climate change. If Fairfax County were a state, it would be larger than eight other U.S. states. We have a massive role to play in protecting both the local and global environment. By instituting policies at a county level to curb carbon gas emissions, reduce plastic use and support renewable energy—we’ll tackle those responsibilities head on.”

Yalowitz is currently running unopposed for the democratic nomination for the Providence seat on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. To learn more about Erika, her platform or Providence District you can visit: https://www.erikaforsupervisor.org

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I am a Tyson's resident. Seasoned officer at my Home Owners Association, serve at the Providence District Council, Tysons Partnership and Fairfax Federation.

Professionally trained in Political Science, International Relations with graduate studies in Political Management and Governance. I am the Mother of a future FCPS student, former small business owner, Court Officer and with your help, I will be the first immigrant to be elected to the Fairfax Board of Supervisors in history!


A Progressive Democrat for Providence District
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