Our federal government’s environmental position is devolving but we can act locally for a positive change and home is the easiest place to begin with. There are hundreds of tips, but here are five I want to share with you.

1) Vinegar is king

Three parts water, one-part vinegar is a miracle combination to clean toilet bowls, the washing machine, shower heads and to clean faucets. Just remember to be careful of what you’re using it for; vinegar is somewhat acidic, and it can damage some wooden materials. Important safety tip: never EVER mix vinegar and bleach. This is bad for the environment and chlorine gas is released from the reaction resulting in fumes that can kill you!

2) No plastic!

Especially during this #PlasticFreeChallenge month I’ve been looking for alternatives for my child’s parties and office events. Paper or recycled cardboard are biodegradable options. There are also some plates made of tree leaves. Find what’s environmentally and budget friendly.

3) Avoid plastic shopping bags

Use a promotional reusable bag from your last fair or event or bring your own backpack. Carrying the weight on your shoulders is easier and you have both hands free to carry even more groceries.

4) Soap and shampoo bars and soap (detergent) nuts

Soap and shampoo bars don’t need plastic bottles (most of the time it comes packaged in biodegradable materials), they smell good too and are cheaper.  Recently, I also learned about soap nuts! These are an alternative to detergent that really work and last more than 100 washes. You will help to reduce the amount of plastic, one bottle at a time, and save a lot of money!

5) Join local groups that motivate you!

Doing a simple search on Facebook or Google for environmental groups will open the door to thousands of groups and organizations with incredibly friendly people. Tasks vary a lot, so there’s pretty much always a job for everyone’s own availability and capacities.


Some groups you should follow:

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