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Transportation and Mobility

Traffic and transportation are determinant factors in quality of life. To cover all community members’ necessities, we need to offer different solutions in line with global tendencies and demographic dynamics. We can break down barriers by exploring innovative transportation methods and enhancing the experience of walking, bike riding or using public transportation.

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Fairfax County’s population is larger than that of eight individual states. We do have an impact on climate change and have a duty to reverse its effects as well as to protect our air, water and soil for the future of our children. We must tackle environmental challenges by taking aggressive action to curve carbon gas emissions, reduce plastic use and support renewable energy. Together we can take a big step towards a more sustainable world.

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As one of the most diverse areas in the nation, Fairfax must be committed to diversity and to being the place where all individuals feel well served. From the Board of Supervisors, I will evaluate every issue from a perspective of equity and inclusion to make decisions that offer all residents equal opportunities, in support of One Fairfax for all.

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We need to improve the availability and affordability of child care for families and support the needs of Fairfax County Public Schools to ensure that every one of our children receive the same world-class education that placed Fairfax County in the top 10 school system in the nation.

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The senior population in Fairfax County is projected to grow significantly in the next decade. Providence alone is home to about 40,000 adults ages 60 and more. We will work to improve affordable options for continued care in our area to offer seniors viable alternatives to age in place.


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Jobs and Economic growth

Fairfax County is funded mainly by property taxes and the revenue brought from businesses established here. I support sustainable urban development and optimization of government services including better use of technology to facilitate the establishment and growth of local businesses.

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